Teaching the art of intuition and abundance, join Nancy Hayssen and Michael Cranford in Costa Rica for an All-Inclusive Health and Wealth Empowerment Retreat. Delight, enliven and reconnect your mind, body and spirit to the clarity found in yourself and in nature. Enjoy scrumptious organic ‘farm to table’ cuisine. All-Inclusive Health and Wealth Empowerment Retreats In Costa Rica.

Ocean View Rental & Creative Life Retreats in Costa Rica.

Adventure to Costa Rica with creative leaders, published authors and award-winning speakers. Take home health, knowledge and wisdom from the rainforest from jungle nutritionalist and health coach.

Nancy Hayssen is a published author and teaches the 7 elemental monkey marketing principles needed for the next millennium. Learn 10 techniques to self-promotion, service and product performance.

Nancy Hayssen and Michael Cranford teach and share how to align your thoughts to your words and actions to attract health, wealth and clarity. Nancy’s 9 Day - Creative Authors Empowerment Retreats encourage entrepreneurs to apply Ayurvedic healing practices in your daily diet and intentions. Nancy provides you will all with the tools to publish and create passionately. You’ll learn from the best monkey marketers for the new millennium. CLICK HERE to see who’s teaching. Align your creative passion with technology to create wealth.

• Be an expert in your field.
• Public Speaking
• Website, print, radio, shopping cart,
• E-mail, on-line, marketing, e-commerce ( 3 webinar )
• Learn how to get FREE advertising on TV, Radio and Print for FREE.
• Match your intentions publisher
• Standing out from a crowd cover,
7 steps to promote and sell your book fast and effective.

Use free press, tv, radio, social media to jump start your new path to wealth and abundance. Align your thoughts to your words and actions to create health and wealth. Get back to creating and living healthy. Be smart and don’t become a slave when marketing your passion. Get back to what you enjoy the most. Living a creative and abundant life. ‘Pura Vida!’

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Wealth IS health, (abundance ) and let’s face it, you have to drive the extra mile and spend your hard earned money to eat healthy. Most people don’t know that the Costa Rica rainforest produces more foods and plant medicines than anywhere else in the world. With over 30,000 species of trees producing airborne micro nutrients and plant medicine, rainforest trees and plants produce essential micro nutrients, stimulate the pituitary gland and ignite your creative potential.

Replace your medicine cabinet with the world’s oldest and largest ‘farm to table,’ organic pharmacy. Rainforest trees, plants, vines, fruits and herbs produce 93% of the world’s known medicines. Most people don’t know, but the rainforest provides us with 100% of our elemental health needs, including having the cleanest air and the purest water in the world. Return home with a renewed spirit and a better understanding of whole health, mind, body and soul nutrition.

It’s going to require a flexible nervous system to survive and flourish in a digital world. During your vacation stay, Nancy Hayssen, along with Michael and guest speakers, teaches literal and visual arts application for on-line marketing empowerment. Michael and Nancy, together, provide training, encouragement and follow up to make sure you first, detox from distraction, immerse yourself into nature, take control over health in order to empower your creative potential . Succeed at your craft and live a healthy life.